Art of Wood: Interior Design for Hotels and Restaurants
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Art of Wood: Interior Design for Hotels and Restaurants

Art of Wood: Interior Design for Hotels and Restaurants
By Editorial Staff -
Zitturi has participated in the project

Zitturi (the manufacturer of unique interiors) prides itself on being able to interpret a design idea and translate it into a solid, functional structure. To do this, the company, based in the heart of the Dolomites in the South Tyrol region of Italy, draws on its history as a carpentry workshop creating made-to-measure furniture and an array of surfaces, particularly for the hotel and restaurant industries. Zitturi works closely with architects and designers to meet its own demanding standards for design, craftsmanship and quality, using its know-how to interpret a client’s brief and then deploying its own vision and cutting-edge style to turn the idea into a reality made of wood and other materials such as iron, glass and natural stone. Striving for beauty in custom-made furniture, doors, floors and wall claddings in all environments, from spas to operational spaces, from lounges to staircases, cannot be detached from the importance of functionality and structural efficiency.

 Camera privata con zona relax, jacuzzi e doccia: rivestimenti in legni selezionati e trattati artigianalmente, accoppiamenti vetro-marmo, lampada in legno © Florian Berger, Berger + Team, courtesy Zitturi

This is never truer than in the hospitality sector, which is an important part of the economy in the Dolomites. Guaranteeing a product truly requires identifying the perfect technical solution and then selecting the ideal type of wood, but even this cannot produce excellence time and time again unless it is supported by the necessary organizational processes and logistics. Zitturi adopts this philosophy for all its projects, whether it has been asked for a turn-key solution or it has been engaged by a supplier.

 Spa con parete attrezzata da cabine relax individuali a bordo piscina: legni trattati e impermeabilizzati con prodotti ecosostenibili © Florian Berger, Berger + Team, courtesy Zitturi

This explains how the company can ensure such punctual deliveries, such precision in set-up and assembly and such perfect compliance with contractual agreements, all aspects that are fundamental when working in tourist areas from Italy to Austria, and from the USA to Germany. One of the best examples of this is the interior for Alpina Dolomites Gardena Health Lodges & Spa in Alpe di Siusi, a complex designed to restore internal balance through luxury and contact with nature. The project placed fundamental emphasis on sustainability and seamless integration into the surrounds, leading to wood playing a key role. For this project, the company worked hard to find functional solutions, anticipating and so solving any potential structural problems, even for the most complex of details. And this is the approach the company always adopts.

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