Arie: an evocative design that inspires authenticity
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Arie: an evocative design that inspires authenticity

Studio Modijefsky

Arie: an evocative design that inspires authenticity
By Editorial Staff -

Studio Modijefsky has added a new member to its growing family of projects in the foodservice sector. After its restyling of classically classy Amsterdam bar Bonnie, comes Arie, its younger cousin.

Arie is a modern café at the intersection of Ferdinand Bolstraat and Quellijnstraat, Amsterdam. Previously the site of the historic Gezellige Club, the building dates from 1876. The ground floor has been used as a café almost since day-one, after the original tenants opened their homes to serve food and drinks to supplement their incomes.

The designers from Studio Modijefsky have worked hard to recreate a historical atmosphere, using period materials such as copper, terrazzo, tiles, fabrics, and wood. Darkened beech is used throughout, creating a strong contrast with the aged copper and red marble. Tiles, in a wide variety of blues, accentuate these contrasts, while connecting the yellow and red ceiling with the area behind the counter.

The bar area has a counter with high barstools, flanked by tables, chairs, and sofas. Meanwhile, the area to the side has a more intimate feel, with large mirrors reflecting light from the windows to create a sense of greater space.

With its use of materials – including wood paneling and a traditional wood refrigerator cabinet behind the bar – Arie is an evocative design that sets out to connect with local traditions, inspiring a sense of modern authenticity.

Project: Arie op de hoek
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Cafe, bar
Assignment: Interior design & Identity design & Branding
Status: Realised April 2021
Size: 143m2 interior / 50m2 terrace
Client: 3WO, Dennis Kaandorp
Design: Studio Modijefsky; Esther Stam, Moene van Werven, Agnese Pellino, Christel Willers
Photography: Maarten Willemstein

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