Argent Moon for the Coordinates Collection
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Argent Moon for the Coordinates Collection

A Moon-inspired Anodized Finish

Argent Moon for the Coordinates Collection
By Editorial Staff -
Flos has participated in the project

Designer Michael Anastassiades has drawn heavily on geometric lines for the minimalist approach that infuses Coordinates, an elegant light collection from Flos built on interlocking horizontal and vertical luminaries that form grid-like structures in varying degrees of complexity. Originally conceived in an anodized Champagne finish, the collection has now been extended to include Argent Moon, a shiny metallic hue produced through the joint efforts of Flos design curators Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla to evoke ancestral memories of the night and the moon.

Coordinates was initially conceived for the iconic main hall at New York’s Four Seasons restaurant, combining an almost cinematic essence with pure and original patterns that blend in a merger of simplicity and sophistication. This striking yet elegant collection does not only stand out for its appearance, but also for its infinitely repeatable modular structure that provides endless solutions for meeting personal preferences and space constraints with is mathematical grid of interlocking LEDs.

This spirit of customization is simplified through an array of pre-determined patterns that, including four chandelier models in various shapes and sizes and three ceiling mounted lights in two lengths, also include options for very high ceilings. The collection includes a vertical floor lamp with a simple, round base and two lighting bars, which can be rotated through 90° and set at the preferred beam angle during assembly. The final piece in this range is Coordinates Wall, a refined wall-mounted solution that can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, with a tangentially placed sconce that becomes an integral part of the effect.

On the technical side, Coordinates lights have an extruded and processed aluminum body, now available in two metallic coatings - Anodized Champagne and Argent Moon - and a white opal diffuser in platinum optical silicon. The collection provides a flexible solution that is particularly suitable for the contract sector as it can be used for most environments, adding a delightful touch of rigor blended with magic.

“My work stems from the idea of subtraction”, says Michael Anastassiades, “because an object stripped bare and returned to its basic, essential nature is the ultimate, definitive expression of beauty”.

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