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Arena PGE
By Redazione The Plan -
Mapei has participated in the project

The 42,000-seater PGE Arena in Danzig was designed by RKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship.
This stadium near the Baltic Sea is not only used for sport, but also for concerts and other events. Its shape and colours dominate the surrounding area, having been designed to resemble the hues and texture of amber, an abundant material in these parts.
Inside, the references are to the local shipbuilding industry, with the supporting structure for the roof not unlike a hull with its ribs and planking.
The location created numerous technical problems because of the proximity of the sea and the harsh winters, but these were solved by using a range of innovative Mapei products to create the roof, treat the concrete and ceramic sections and make the pools, spa baths and showers for the players.


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