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Arena Museo Opera
By Editorial Staff -
Arena Museo Opera (AMO) is a new museum designed to promote and disseminate Italian opera culture. Set in the 18th-century Palazzo Fortu, this museum in the old heart of Verona uses a combination of multimedia exhibits and original materials (scores, letters, costumes, sketches and scenery) to tell the creative story of staging an opera. The journey through this old building is guided by heavy, velvet curtains that not only provide practical soundproofing, but also add to the theatrical and operatic feel. The vast 5,000 sq m display area has been very careful illuminated. The specific requirements and constraints arising from having to both highlight the memorabilia and light the actual building led to Performance in Lighting products being chosen. For the interiors, AS 23 LED by Spittler track spotlights were selected as these have been specifically designed to illuminate artworks, exalting the works without altering visual perception. The rotating, adjustable AS 23 LED spotlights have aluminium flaps with four different angles for projecting the light beam. The lack of ultraviolet and infrared emissions – a typical feature of LEDs - helps preserve the work over time, while the lights themselves are also durable and require minimum maintenance. Seven FL595 LED suspended panels (size 60x60 cm, Spittler brand) were also installed along the visitor routes. These ultra-thin panels provide even light across an entire surface, ensuring optimal lighting for the archaeological section of the museum by reducing the light and dark contrasts created by the old stones and excavations.
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