Architecture of Light artistic crystal and glassware
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Architecture of Light: artistic crystal and glassware for luxury interiors

Architecture of Light artistic crystal and glassware
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The glassware of Venice is an ancient art passed down the generations since the 17th Century when Europe’s aristocracy vied with one another to possess the most beautiful chandeliers fashioned by the famous Venetian glassmakers. Entirely handmade, these exquisite objects hailing exclusively from Venice have always been synonymous with luxury and wealth, the embodiment of the classical values of timeless harmony and good taste. Today as in the past, these luminous creations in blown glass and crystal adorn private villas, prestigious hotels, yachts and luxury resorts. Since its founding in 1968, iDogi has specialized in luxury articles to meet the ever more exacting market demands for light fixtures, furthering its artistic expertise and becoming a key player in the sector of hand-crafted glass lighting creations. iDogi’s headquarters in the industrial district of Venice houses production, offices and showroom under one roof. Private clients, architects and interior designers are welcome guests. iDogi’s exceptional customized creations require a long process of in-depth planning and analysis in close consultation with the individual customer to develop the right solutions for the project in hand. Light, glass and crystal are forged into unique masterpieces to embellish a wide range of projects and prestigious architectural interiors in every corner of the world. iDogi’s efficient customer service ensures that expert technical staff can be on-site to assist installation.

The Company works closely with clients’ architects and interior designers to create unique glass lighting objets d’art that combine tradition and innovation, some of which protected by patent. iDogi production includes: outsize chandeliers, floor- and wall-lamps, luminous tables, consoles, balustrades with crystal glass columns, luminous walls, and fountains for interiors. Harking back to a centuries-old artistic heritage, our creations are masterpieces of visionary innovative creativity that harness the age-old glassmaking traditions of Venice to produce sumptuous articles in line with the contemporary requirements of today’s customers.


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