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versatility and customization for a TOTAL LOOK BATHROOM

By Editorial Staff -
Graniti Fiandre has participated in the project

Presented at the International Bathroom Fair, part of the most recent Milan’s Salone del Mobile, Aqua Maximum is Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ collection for a total look for flooring, cladding and bathroom furnishings. At the core of the collection are the washbasins, counter tops and shower tray models that, created as individual pieces, are combined with artisan skill. Each element contains a core of high density extruded polystyrene (Wedi) to provide excellent stiffness and water tightness, and exterior surfaces clad in Maximum® Fiandre Extralite porcelain stoneware assembled using epoxy putties and adhesives. This advanced approach means the furnishings can benefit from the technical qualities of the tiles, such as abrasion resistance, color and surface stability, and simple maintenance. The range of standard sizes and types for the washbasins, shower trays and counter tops creates versatility and customization. For example, the integrated washbasins can be single or double, in the Waterfall or Up&Down options, or with a pedestal, once again with an Up&Down or Waterfall washbasin. The shower trays are slightly inclined to allow water to flow properly, and contain a removable drain cover grid. They also come in single or double versions. The counter tops can be used as a base for a counter-top washbasin or as a shelf to match the integrated washbasin. The range of Maximum materials opens up nearly countless finishings: marble (Marmi Maximum), stone (Megalith Maximum or Quietstones Maximum), concrete (Aster Maximum), resin (Hq.Resin), fossilized wood (Eminent Wood) and monochrome (Datauni Maximum). Where the chosen materials have distinct veins, such as marble, the washbasin or shower tray appears to be a single piece precisely because, for example, when seen from above the veins are placed to appear continuous. The Aqua Maximum collection is for public or private buildings, elegant houses or commercial spaces, including spas, wellness centers, showrooms, hotels, quality restaurants and designer B&Bs.

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