Antibacterial Solutions for Public and Private Environments
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Antibacterial Solutions for Public and Private Environments

Antibacterial Solutions for Public  and Private Environments
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RAK Ceramics has participated in the project

We are living through a unique moment in history when safe, hygienic work and home environments are more fundamental than ever. And this also means choosing the right materials. RAK Ceramics has a superb solution to this: RAK-Sanit. This range of tiles for floors and cladding, and sanitary ware has optimal products for homes, schools, offices, restaurants, hotels and practically any space where hygiene is not only important, but fundamental.

For over a decade, RAK Ceramics has been at the forefront of research on this front, developing its first certified antibacterial coating in 2009. Today, the RAK-Sanit program includes not only ceramic and gres porcelain wall and floor tiles - coated with a special glaze that is 99.9% effective at reducing bacterial contamination in only
8 hours and has ISO and JIS certification - but also sanitary ware (water closets, bidets, wash basins, flushing systems, seat covers and so on) coated with RAK-ProTeK, which is baked into the ceramic during firing and guarantees an antibacterial surface that is far smoother than often irregular standard ceramics.

RAK-ProTeK actually hit the market in 2019, with the silver ions contained in its revolutionary glaze inhibiting bacterial growth. Tested by Artest laboratory in the Italian Ceramic district in Modena,
RAK-ProTeK has proven its effectiveness against a wide array of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi, including MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella and Legionella. Since the silver ions work constantly, the protective action does not require light and provides 24-hour protection throughout the product’s lifecycle, making any environment far healthier and more hygienic.

The RAK-Sanit floor range includes the tiles in the Basic Concrete Sanit and Surface Sanit collections (60x60 cm) and the smaller Sigurt Wood Sanit tiles (19.5x120 cm).

The sanitary ware collection has options for private bathrooms and public restrooms, combining antibacterial properties with the crisp, linear designs of the RAK-Sensation, RAK-Resort, RAK-Metropolitan, RAK-Compact and RAK-Series 600 lines, and the range of freestanding options. For the ultimate in hygiene, there are also rimless water closets and touchless flush systems.


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