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In recent years, workspace design has seen plenty of innovative progress in concepts, research and solutions as it has moved hand-in-hand with the incessant changes in how people work in an office. Such environments are now flexible, dynamic spaces molded on the needs of users and the changing tasks required of them during any working day. Workspace design starts with the person, structuring the layout of space around imaginary employees, integrating the necessary technology and finally choosing the best furniture and accessories. The Quadrifoglio Group is actively researching and developing solutions that keep with the times while staying true to what the company terms the “anthropization of office space”. Succeeding in this requires scientific input (especially ergonomics), designer involvement, and close cooperation with the manufacturing and planning side, making sure everyone is pulling in the same direction. This was the drive behind Quadrifoglio working with Lucifero’s, a company that develops biotechnology solutions linking lighting to indoor plant cultivation, and Màkia, a design studio specializing in creating ecosystems in buildings. The cross-fertilization between office space and natural environment improves wellness, partly by incorporating the slow yet constant rhythms of the natural world into an often-frenetic environment in which nature is put to one side. Quadrifoglio’s vision for furniture follows these same underlying ideas, using design and technology to continually improve employee wellness and comfort. The products are generally suited to people and their changing requirements during a working day. Up&Up is an emblematic example of this. This collection of adjustable-height desks can be raised up to 1.268 mm and even includes a bluetooth booking system. C-Stool chairs are designed to improve posture, while LightSound panels offer both light and sound performance. The entire range is built around the physical, physiological and sociological demands of users to produce fluid working spaces cleared of hierarchical divisions to improve wellness and quality of life. At the end of the day, such an approach also improves concentration and encourages cooperation and productivity.


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