Anodization Design Range for Façades
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Anodization Design Range for Façades

Combining Coil Coated and Anodized Façade Elements

Anodization Design Range for Façades
By Editorial Staff -
Euramax Coated Products has participated in the project

Anodization colors are one of the latest trends for contemporary façades, favored for the natural, yet highly sophisticated look that architects often seek. The chemical process of anodizing forms a protective corrosion layer on aluminium which can be executed in different colors. The result is a deep, ultra matte finish. Different national and international anodization related companies and associations have developed standard color ranges in anodization finishes.

Chemical anodizing does also have disadvantages, notably color stability between and even within batches is hard to ensure and, after the anodization process has taken place, bending and forming opportunities are limited due to potential cracking of the brittle surface. An often even more important limiting factor for its application is the high cost of anodization compared to alternative surface finishes.

The Anodization Design range of coil coated surfaces of Euramax makes it possible to apply a cost optimized solution for every façade. The company has responded to customer demand by developing a range of coated finishes that match anodization colours, which means the market can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of anodized aluminium using a pre-coated metal. The range is executed in high quality, multiple layer PVDF coatings offering warranty periods of up to 40 years. The coatings are also extremely resistant to the elements, shield against UV rays and protect the substrate against corrosion. Euramax even provides architects and designers with the option to develop custom colours, thus opening up a world of creative possibilities. So, for flat surfaces - and there is no better example than façade panels - the cost effective alternative of the coil coating process can now be chosen, whilst combining these panels with façade elements like window frames and railings that are put through the anodizing process after the product has been formed or shaped. Combining the best of both world leads to more beautiful façades!

Anodization colours are explored further in the latest edition of the magazine The Outsider, which is included as a supplement to The Plan or can be downloaded from

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