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Laminam has participated in the project

Andy surfaces are enhanced with a shimmering texture in which the light emphasises the depth of the material, creating surprisingly sophisticated colour variations. The pattern draws inspiration from the natural world to achieve an irregular and highly scenographic design, which changes depending on the viewing angle. The decoration is not simply "applied" on the surface, but it was possible to achieve this original result by modifying the structure of the slab, with a variation of 1 mm upwards and 1mm downwards in the very thin depth of the slab. Entering the heart of the technological production process of Laminam slabs, a unique, exciting and poetic effect was obtained through subsequent experiments and the material is rendered particular vibrant by the reflection of light that becomes alive and reaches its highest expressive potential when used outdoors. The company was able to reach surprising results with unusual impact, especially given the thinness and the expanse of the surface. The product range, which initially is available only in cool colours – Carbone, ghiaccio, and perla - will be completed with a series with warmer tones in the future. 
Scratch, abrasion and deep cleaning resistant; frost resistant - average water absorption of 0.1% - and adaptable to all weather conditions; resistant to fire and high temperatures since they are devoid of organic matter. Do not release fumes or toxic substance in case of fire; compatible with food because they do not release soluble elements; do not favour the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi. Andy is a completely natural product. It does not release elements into the environment and can easily be milled and entirely recycled into other production processes.
SIZE 1000x3000 mm
COLOURS Carbone, ghiaccio, perla
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