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AluK AW86 by Aluk
By Editorial Staff -
Unitized curtain wall: this permits the construction of large thermal-break frames that are assembled in the works complete with glass, gaskets, brackets and expansion joints. They are then installed by placing them side by side and anchoring them to the building’s bearing structure. This construction type is particularly indicated for very large and regular façades on highrise or horizontally extended buildings. The advantages of the system are associated with the reduction of the times for its installation which develops from the bottom up in step with the erection of the building’s vertical and horizontal structures, and the simplicity of the assembly operations, which are carried out from the interior and allow the workers to operate in complete safety.

Other advantages include:
• a very high quality standard and therefore greater tightness levels, because it is possible to install finished components that have been carefully assembled in the works;
• enhanced absorption of façade deformations, thanks to its cell structure;
• optimization of the installation times for the systems and internal finishes, thanks to the assembly of cells that complete one floor at a time. Split wall: with this type, suitable for small and medium building sites, the façade is created by erecting a main façade grid, consisting of “H” frames, to which the curtaining elements are secured using fast simple fasteners. In this case external scaffolding is required in order to carry out the installation work.

The new system is available with two different architectural solutions:
• AW86S: façade with structural bonding of the glass;
• AW86B: façade with visible perimeter profile; while maintaining the same profile geometry. The structural façade is “cold”, i.e. the thermal break is provided completely by the sheets of glass with a significant saving in the cost of the profiles. Both types make it possible to insert openable elements, coplanar with the structure, with outward-tilting or parallel opening. Finally, all the motorizations and operating systems can be hidden.
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