AluK 77IW by AluK
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AluK 77IW by AluK

AluK 77IW by AluK
By Editorial Staff -
This new system is made by outer frame section with deep of 77mm and open frame with section with deep of 87mm, a very high insulating performance is done using special tubular reinforced polyamide bars and with the inserting of special insulating soft bars. This process allow to reduce heat transfer inside the cavity of the sections.
This system is extended with a special aesthetical solution with concealed glazing frame named 77IS.

· Thermal trasmission Uw = 0,96 W/m2K
· Acoustic performance Rw = 47 dB
· Air permeability: Class 4
· Water tightness: Class E1200
· Wind resistance: Class C5
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