Alucovering® Extruded aluminum panels for ventilated façades
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Alucovering® Extruded aluminum panels for ventilated façades

Alucovering® Extruded aluminum panels for ventilated façades
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Gruppo Ivas has participated in the project

Alucovering® by Aliva® is a coating system for ventilated façades that uses panels extruded from an aluminum alloy. Based on specific materials research, this system performs superbly and meets regulatory requirements, while also offering plenty of creative freedom.  

The extrusion process used for Alucovering® panels and the relative simplicity with which new molds can be created make almost any custom design possible (up to 7 m long). Similarly, different scales can be created of the same piece to ensure the perfect fit with the shape of a façade. 

Whether anodized or powder coated, the panels come in over 400 shades with a polished, matt, satin, metallic, rough grained or brushed finish. Special decorative and material effects can also be created, such as to resemble Cor-ten or wood. 

Both coating options give the metal a protective layer that helps against chemical corrosion, the elements, wear and scratching to improve the mechanical performance over time and to stabilize the desired aesthetic effect and color. 

Since Alucovering® is solid metal, it is not a fire risk, with A1 classification under the European EN13501 standard. In the event of a fire, it does not spread the fire or release toxic gases, and it only melts at very high temperatures. The panels are 100% recyclable. The installation systems are simple, but also make it possible to adjust the position to get the ideal placement (vertical and plane) and to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the material. The panels can be installed horizontally, vertically or in a combination of these directions, allowing additional design freedom.


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