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Alu+ Shower Collection

Sustainability, Design and Practicality

Alu+ Shower Collection
By Editorial Staff -
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Ideal Standard’s new Alu+ shower line is based on a modern color palette, tasteful contemporary design and elegant square lines. After more than a century in the bathroom business, the company still actively strives to combine esthetics, sustainability and performance in each of its products, offering a wide range of possibilities in its catalog. Alu+ is not only an expression of this pursuit, an example of practicality, functionality and esthetics, but also demonstrates Ideal Standard’s commitment to the environment. In fact, the faucets, showerheads and circular spray heads in the collection are made up to 84% from high-quality recycled and recyclable materials. This percentage is not only driven up by the use of recyclable aluminum, as the line’s plastic components are made of high-performance polymers that meet drinking water regulations for maximum health safety. Completely free of chromium, lead and nickel, Alu+ also features integrated water-saving technology throughout the range: flow regulators limit water consumption – 8 l/min for the hand showers and 12 l/min for the rain shower – without compromising on the excellent performance. The company also demonstrates its green approach by choosing packaging that is fully recyclable and free of single-use plastics. 

Collezione docce Alu+ © Carlo William Rossi + Fabio Mureddu, courtesy Ideal Standard

Despite such a strong environmental focus, Alu+ still foregrounds esthetics, offering a choice of three shiny metallic finishes for each element – Silk Black, Rosé and Silver – allowing clients to play with colors and create new combinations that embellish bathrooms in any sector, from residential to hospitality. In keeping with the Singular™ philosophy, each accessory in the new line is versatile and can easily be combined with Cerafine O faucets and Idealrain shower accessories in the same color and style, as well as Ideal Standard’s more general collections of shower trays and enclosures, ceramic sanitaryware and furniture. In addition to sustainability and esthetics, practicality is also central to the Alu+ collection, which includes matching countertops and beauty bars, with mirrors and shelves of various sizes, designed to provide tasteful furnishings that meet diverse functional needs. Plus, the addition of EasyClean nozzles ensures each product is easy to clean and keep limescale free. With two different spray modes – Rain and SilkRain, with ultra-fine water droplets – chosen using the EasyDial control knob, Alu+ allows one to customize any shower experience, making it much more like a spa. 

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