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Air Cleaning Paint

Alpha Air Clean
By Editorial Staff -

Alpha Air Clean is a water-based paint for interiors from Sikkens - an AkzoNobel
brand - that not only has minimal solvents, but actually reduces the levels of formaldehyde in the air, greatly improving comfort levels as this noxious gas easily builds up in closed environments. A naturally sustainable product, this innovative paint has Eurofins certification and provides a particularly suitable option for spaces where people spend extended periods of time, such as homes, hotel rooms, offices, schools and stores.

These days, the air inside homes and offices can be up to five times more polluted that the air outside, because of all the toxic substances released by furniture, carpets and other items. In such environments, Alpha Air Clean becomes a catalyzer, facilitating chemical bonding between the formaldehyde molecules in the air and the paint coating, which actually captures and then irreversibly transforms this noxious substance, taking it out of the air. In more practical terms, the formaldehyde molecules in the air are absorbed by the superficial film of the paint, then the Active Purifying Technology causes a chemical reaction that results in the polymeric matrix becoming trapped in the actual paint. This technology is the result of extensive research and development by the Dutch multinational AkzoNobel and it means Alpha Air Clean filters and neutralizes up to 80% of any concentration of this polluting agent. The level of formaldehyde is tied to the color of the paint, the area painted and the size of the room, but capture levels do drop slightly over time, with the effect finishing after three years.

Available in the over 2,000 color hues in the Sikkens 5051 collection, Alpha Air Clean has a matt finish, excellent coverage and is easy to wash, particularly because of its abrasion resistance.

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