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Allmarble Marble as ceramics

Allmarble Marble as ceramics
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Allmarble by Marazzi is a porcelain stoneware collection that draws inspiration from some of nature's most sought-after marbles (Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frappuccino) to produce a wonderful array of shapes, finishings and patterns for tiles. The range of compositions for floors and walls in the Allmarble collection is extensive, suitable for homes, the contract and hospitality industries, and retail and wellness centers, both indoors and outdoors. The four finishes reproduce differing material effects with varying degrees of reflective shine. By combing different colors, finishes, sizes and patterns, it is possible to adapt the space to the architecture, even the smallest details, while maintaining a common thread of elegance and refinement. The lux finish is produced using a special process that leaves the surface with the gleam of a smooth natural marble. The natural option has an opaque surface. The structured finish, with a bush hammered look, is ideal for floors and exterior cladding (R11B skid resistance and durable even with high footfall), and can even be used for ventilated façades. Finally, silk - ideal in homes - has a soft, satin look, with limited reflectiveness, that mimics the appearance of a marble surface worn by time. Allmarble comes in different sizes from 60x120 cm to 7x28 cm, with square and hexagonal options (21x18.2 cm). The 40x120 cm slabs are 20 mm thick and are designed for outdoor use, as they are durable even when subjected to heavy loads and the elements. They can be used in residential or public settings. They can easily be laid on grass, sand or gravel or glued to a concrete screed, making them excellent for industrial or commercial driveways. The final touch of the Allmarble collection is the array of mosaics, patterns and 3D elements that open up new decorative and customization options, to obtain the intended use and planned style.




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