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Allmarble by Marazzi
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Allmarble offers a sophisticated interpretation a selection of choice marbles (Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frapuccino) . A new rationalism, made up of subtle elegance, a synthesis of style and convenience. The outcome of painstaking research and a state-of-the-art production technology, the collection comprises seven carefully selected, choice quality slabs, available in four surface finishes. As well as the traditional lux, natural and structured finish, the range includes the new "silk" surface, soft and silky to the touch, which recalls marble with a time-worn look, rubbed smooth with the passing years and use. The sizes range from 60x120 to 7x28 and include the 40x120 slab 20 mm thick for outdoor use, and hexagons. Last but not least, the collection is completed by mosaics, decors and three-dimensional elements. The breadth of range extends the compositional options, and is ideal for floor and wall coverings, for use indoors and out, in both public and residential projects. The purity of the material, the use of subdued shades and the reproduction of details created by hand-working are the basis for contemporary spaces where the effects generated by finishes and sizes become crucial. Adapting easily to various lifestyles, it is ideally used in locations with walls decorated in sophisticated colours, fine fabrics and stylish yet functional furniture, with a strong personality. Allmarble provides the potential for decorating rooms in the home, not to mention contract, hospitality, retail and wellness locations, with taste and originality.

Through-body coloured fine porcelain stoneware for all sizes except for the 7x28 size and 21x18.2 hexagon which are produced in glazed porcelain stoneware.

Eco-sustainable product created with a closed-cycle production process

natural: matt (60x120, 30x120,90x90, 60x60)
lux: polished across the entire surface (58x116, 29x116, 87x87, 58x58) by a process which gives an outstanding capacity to reflect the light and the bright shine typical of polished marble.
structured: bush-hammered, (60x120) for outdoor pavings and outdoor wall coverings such as ventilated curtain walls. Designed to deliver R11B antislip properties and to withstand foot traffic.
silk: semi-gloss satiny, soft to the touch (58x116, 29x116, 87x87). Obtained by a process typical of marble, which gives it a soft, velvety look with a low level of light reflection.
The surface of the 7x28 and hexagon tile is natural but with a "sugar-coated" look, soft to the touch and with minimal light reflection.
The marble look is associated with an R10B antislip surface for Statuario and R11B for Travertino in the 40x120 20 mm size, specifically for use for outdoor pavings and more heavy-duty applications

Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent, Frappuccino

Lux digital decor 58x58

Striped decor, produced in-line in two shades: one comprising Saint Laurent, Altissimo and Statuario for combination with these three types of marble and the other with Frapuccino and Raffaello, for use with Lasa, Frapuccino and Raffaello.
Mosaic on mesh backing in size 30x30 nat. for use on both floors and walls.
3D Mosaic in size 29x29 lux and nat. Intended for use on walls
3D plank 14.5x29 lux with relative Dot Tile 14.5x14.5 lux. Intended for use on walls
Hexagon decor 21 x18.2 (righe, geometria and cubo) produced with digital technology in 3 variants with different geometric motifs; the first is for use with Statuario and Saint Laurent, the second with Altissimo and Saint Laurent and the third with Travertino.

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