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Allday by Brnadoni

Allday by Brnadoni
By Editorial Staff -
It comes from the idea to create a “human” radiator, an element usually uncomfortable, too much technical and not too useful.
From this perception, the architect and designer Nisi creates an object that isn’t only an heating element but also a furniture complement to use during all day, from morning to evening.
The original idea is the “warm touch”, an area composed by an orthogonal plot of holes in which the magnetized pins are threaded, and they have different functions, hooks for clothes, motorcycle helmet, gloves or scarves; it can contains essences to perfume the house, a case for keys, a mirror to fix wherever you wish, and so on.
There are many composition possibilities we can create in this radiator: thanks to the ability to move the different accessories all over the plate of the radiator, you can customize it at any time under the various requirements.
A range of accessories that create a game making them forget the only function of a radiator.
With Allday the heating is enriched with a new way to live the heat during all day long, re- inventing the traditional concept of furniture.

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