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All round home ?automation
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Videoworks has participated in the project
Videoworks produces audio/video systems, entertainment sets, communication and advanced home automation devices for the yachting, smart home and conference markets. It offers an all round service including customized system design, electrical work supervision, hardware and software supply, installation and configuration, user training and after-sales service. Systems are always developed in collaboration with customers to ensure spatial and design needs are optimally combined with cutting edge, reliable and user-friendly technology. Luxury yachting is a strategic business for Videoworks, which is now using its expertise gained in designing and integrating entertainment, video surveillance and home automation systems in the yachting sector. Home theatre, broadband internet connections throughout the house, audio/video systems, lighting, air conditioning, security and video surveillance systems are managed using an integrated system operated via simple touch control panel. Beyond these two sectors, Videoworks also offers professional communication systems for meeting rooms, conferences and auditoriums. The latest in remote communication technology is the order of the day here. In the conference sector, Videoworks focuses on clients seeking customised workplace solutions that allow efficient communication during meetings, conferences and training sessions, while also removing the distance barrier between people.

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