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Airfil by RasoParete
By Editorial Staff -

Airfil is a system created to make ventilation grids flush with the wall or ceiling thanks to Sistemi RasoParete’s experience in hatches, panels (also with large dimensions) and other systems flush with the surfaces.
By completely eliminating the thickness of the grids, Airfil also satisfies the aesthetic demands of the more refined, minimal projects such as luxury restaurants, contract spaces with architectural imprinting, offices, etc. While still keeping in mind those seeking clean lines in the projects, Airfil has mainly been created for a practical and functional purpose, because the profile in aluminium that allows for housing the grid is such that it enables easy removal and fitting back whenever required, without damaging the housing or the finish.
In fact, with Airfil, the grid is not attached to the plasterboard (or the masonry), but rather, to a housing designed to offer longlasting stability and safety. In short, a product that also aids those who in the future will have to work on it, making for agile inspections and maintenance.

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