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Airabesc supreme at OSRAM HUB - Light in a space of its own

Airabesc supreme  at OSRAM HUB - Light in a space of its own
By Redazione The Plan -

Osram Hub, the new Osram showroom recently inaugurated in Milan, in intended as a place where designers, architects and customers can meet, dialogue and be shown the last word in lighting technology design - a venue that is both extremely flexible and high tech. Covering two floors, Osram Hub enables the visitor to observe and experience the features and potential of Osram’s LED, OLED and Light Management Systems (LMS), side by side with Traxon’s LED solutions. The ground floor divides into two areas: an entrance hall and a meeting/living area; the first floor reproduces a small apartment - living room, bedroom, bathroom and terrace. Throughout Osram Hub lighting ideas alternate with colour effects ranging from the “total white” groundfloor hall to the play of light from full-height LED columns rising beside the stairs, and the LED system recessed into the living area ceiling. Pride of place on the first floor goes to Airabesc, the OLED lighting unit designed by Dietmar Fissl from 2DoDesign. Based on the arabesque figure in ballet, Airabesc is made up of a dynamic arrangement of aluminium elements that vary according to the angle you view them from, as though swaying in a breeze. The whole system measures 81 x 30 x 10 cm and is adjustable in height. It uses 11 rectangular warm-white reflecting OLEDs from the Orbeos series. The ultrathin composition is also fitted with 6 warm-white Oslon LEDs, the whole combination giving an alluring stage-lighting effect.


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