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Age by Ceramiche Keope

Age by Ceramiche Keope
By Editorial Staff -
Straight from its name, it recalls the beauty of weather-beaten stone and ancient flagstone, which has been brought back to life to create refined spaces, where the "used" effect meets a more contemporary style.
To allow for maximum customisation, the collection is available in a variety of sizes: 60x60, 40x60, 30x60, 20x60, 30x30 cm, all available with the Natural finish, which has a soft, matt texture, and is available in the Stone, Beige, Grey and Dark colours.
Furthermore, the 60 x 60 cm size is also available in the 20 mm thick version, which is ideal for elevated installation on flat surfaces (at heights ranging from a minimum of 12 mm to a maximum of 100 mm) and offers the possibility to rapidly and promptly perform maintenance on the underlying equipment (electricity, water supply, etc.).
K2 slabs can be installed dry directly on gravel, sand or grassy substrates to offer a floor that can be immediately walked on and without the need to prepare a screed or use adhesives or mortar. As an alternative, the collection can also be installed using the conventional method on a screed. In this case, it guarantees an exceptional resistance to breaking loads and makes the surface safely transitable.
K2 is the specific system for fulfilling the needs of designers that are looking for continuity between indoor and outdoor environments The system guarantees high resistance to breaking loads, abrupt temperature changes, salt; resistant to mould, moss and verdigris treatments, which are essential requirements for exterior floors.
Frost-proof, non-slip and very easy to clean, the series bears the GreenThinking logo, which attests to the commitment of Ceramiche Keope to protection of the environment.
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