Afilo multifunction system by Gessi
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Afilo multifunction system

Afilo multifunction system by Gessi
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The Gessi Private Wellness® program represents the world’s widest range of steel showerheads and shower elements for hydro massage, including rain showers, waterfalls and atomization. These modular elements can be freely composed, for a total customization of one’s own shower, so to create a “private” wellness, designed according to one’s own desires.
Refreshing cascades or delicate rainfalls, bracing hydro-massage or beautiful atomization, and amazing chromo-therapy all provide for a pleasant multi sense stimulation, which is the aim of the manifold solutions that Gessi offers for the Private Wellness. These products make aesthetic, functional and technical perfection come together: It is A-grade technology, embedded in objects of absolute beauty.
Today Gessi’s technological and stylistic research proposes a substantial aesthetic and technological upgrade of the showerheads in the Program along with an expansion of the range with new products featuring very innovative, patented architectural aesthetics.
Extreme attention to form and finishing details is coupled to easy installation and a very detailed study of the therapeutic, relaxing and energetic properties of light, and chromo therapy. This latter is expertly blended with water and hydrotherapy, so to produce spectacular effects but above all emotion and well-being.
The new Gessi Private Wellness® showerheads are available in all Gessi finishes. They propose new mix of functions and present a wide range of new features compared to the first version. First off design, as they are in fact, available in very different forms, such as the square, round and rectangle. Moreover, they feature new technology contents and methods of color therapy. The technology of 'WATER FEELING' has studiedly distributed the nozzles with different densities, this adds to the central waterfall and nebulizers in more ergonomic positions so to guarantee a more intense perception of water in the shower and a real feeling of well-being. Finally, the new Gessi Private Wellness® remote control allows the user to choose in a progressive light intensity and color tone between 36 different tones.
Available in both the built-in and external versions, and square, round, rectangular shapes, the Afilo multifunction system has a very refined appearance. Light emission has been painstakingly studied to maximize the emotionand well-being; this aim is obtained with an outer carter in very thin steel, and inclined inner walls that enhance the diffusion of light.

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