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add-On by Tubes

add-On by Tubes
By Redazione The Plan -
At the heart of the system is a 12 x 24 cm module - the fruit of a forward-looking design concept - arranged to create a unique aesthetic effect, underlined, in this particular form, by the new colour. A concept that offers infinite design possibilities and pushes the boundaries of creativity and freedom of expression, exploring the potential and skill of Tubes.
Designed by Satyendra Pakhalé, add-On is a large project that has found an ideal ally in aluminium - a material capable of ensuring rapid heat exchange, precise module coupling and also a lightweight structure.
The result is a sculpture-object with a playful appearance that resembles a puzzle or base for Lego bricks. The object transforms from time to time with maximum flexibility for adaption.
In a defined square or rectangular shape or in free form, the object offers several compositional possibilities that can be varied depending on the heating requirements and furnishing design. Based on a module developed in two directions, with four shaped sides that allow you to add other modules ("add-Ons"), the object can characterise a wall by endlessly developing itself.
Yet the true revolution lies in the special in-wall support, which makes it possible to turn the radiator into a partition element, a proper heating wall that is incorporated into the structure.
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