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I-Wallspace - Acoustics and aesthetics in harmony

I-Wallspace - Acoustics and aesthetics in harmony
By Redazione The Plan -
Fantoni has participated in the project

Fantoni’s latest glass office partition wall - I-Wallspace - combines exceptional sound proofing with simple, neat lines that offer design versatility. I-Wallspace’s hidden profiles can be inserted into any sort of raised flooring or suspended ceiling. They also work with numerous advanced ceilings, such as Climacustic or 4akustik, or traditional plasterboard ones. The acoustic partition can be inserted into a suspended ceiling or floor, forming a barrier that reduces noise transmission from one room to another by up to 41 db. The anodised aluminium profile also comes in a freestanding version that can be used to create a partition with a central glass pane, an externally-attached pane or double glazing (potentially treated with a PVB sound-proofing film).
It has been designed to fit in well with the Akustikwall range and it can be equipped with sliding or hinged doors. I-Wallspace is easy to assemble and available in a frosted version, tempered with a polished edge, or screen-printed. The result is significant design freedom that fits seamlessly into the room.


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