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WallPepper® Acoustic is an innovative sound-absorbing and sound-insulating product, designed to add to the decorative strength also a noticeable improvement in the acoustic well-being of the rooms, applicable to both walls and ceilings, surprisingly differentiating sound from noise and reducing reverberation. The system consists of special 3 mm thick woven fiberglass sheets, from ready-to-use paste glue and the two-component protective WallSilk® CAT. The WallPepper® Acoustic technical sheets are in woven fiberglass of only 3 mm thick. This innovative support provides professionals with a tool to increase the comfort and acoustic well-being of the environments and of those who frequent them, reducing the annoying reverberation of the sound reflected from the walls. The sound absorption value is evaluated (αw) = 0.25 (H) (Class E) according to the “EN ISO 354” regulation and the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) is equal to 0.20. These features lead to an increase in the sound absorption capacity of the surface greater than 25%. Easy to lay with the technique of wall glue, the 90 cm sheets are already cut flush without the need for overlapping and are easily combined. The sheets can have a dimensional tolerance of ± 1 mm per linear meter. WallPepper® Acoustic, in addition to its sound-absorbing properties, can contribute to energy savings thanks to a value of thermal conductivity λ=(10) = 0.040 W / (m * K) equivalent to that of rock wool.

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