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Abimis by Prisma

Abimis by Prisma
By Editorial Staff -
Prisma has participated in the project

Design by Alberto Torsello

There's a new idea for passionate gourmet cooks who want a home kitchen like those of the great chefs. It's called Abimis and it's made and guaranteed by Prisma, an Italian company that specialises in the production of professional catering systems. Abimis is the result of a complete redesign of the kitchen environment, which is always centred on the most important figure - the chef - so that every movement is smooth and logical. Designed by the architect Alberto Torsello and hand-crafted in Italy, Abimis kitchens are made entirely from stainless steel, completely join-free and amazingly impact resistant.
The stainless steel surface is orbitally polished to make scratches and marks difficult to see and to give the kitchen a warmer and softer look.
Attention to detail and commitment to a high degree of functionality have led Prisma to redesign even the hinges. Made from steel, recessed and welded in place, the trouble-free and maintenance-free hinges of Abimis kitchen allow doors to open and close ceaselessly. In Abimis kitchens, ergonomics means going beyond attention to detail and considering the design and positioning of every element, to make use as easy as possible. The base is recessed by 20 cm to let the cook stand near the worktop, and the worktop itself is a single piece with a non-drip edge to contain accidental spillages.
Storage compartments are fully sealed and incorporate deeper than usual shelves (75 cm) that slide out to provide easy access to contents.
The range control panel is set at an angle for maximum visibility. All accessories are made to the standard measurements of the Gastronorm system so that pans and trays can be moved instantly from the storage unit to the sink, fridge, or oven, reducing food preparation times and handling.
A ventilated refrigerator and a plate warmer are fitted in drawer units under the worktop where they are easily accessible. The cooking range is superbly ergonomic and accepts different types of cooking element (gas, induction, hotplate, etc.), all conveniently located and sized to match actual pan dimensions. The cooking elements themselves can range from the domestic to the professional, depending on the needs and preferences of the home chef. In Abimis kitchens, all internal and external joins are welded and rounded. This is a major advantage in terms of safety and hygiene. The range control knobs are specially shaped for a safe and anatomical grip, and can also be removed for washing. The range is covered by a powerful extractor hood with a remote motor. Abimis kitchens can also cater for the disposal of wet waste: a refrigerated waste unit can be fitted to maintain a temperature of 6°C, minimising the proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant odours. The perfect, customised cooking environment, incorporating years of experience in professional kitchen design. At last, this same know-how is available to the refined home chef. Abimis kitchens are custom designed and a perfect blend of the architect's ideas, Prisma's production skills, and the needs and preferences of the chef who will have the pleasure of using them.
Each Abimis kitchen is unique and numbered to prove it.


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