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A surface to touch

A surface to touch
By Editorial Staff -
Ceramica Sant’Agostino has participated in the project

At Ceramica Sant’Agostino research and experiment are fundamental to development of new projects and collections: the customer gets the latest technology and an aesthetically satisfying product.
Extra Skin was presented at the latest Milan furniture Salon. Research here centred on surface potential, how matter and light, sight and touch can interact; how a surface can stir emotions and memories.
Pueblo is part of this project: a new porcelain stoneware collection for floor and wall tiling designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. The look is something of a throwback to Burri’s use of material and the architecture of Barragan.
The irregular Pueblo surface has the physicality of old-time Pueblos building clay in New Mexico and Arizona. The material seems alive and changing. In the light it stands out in chiaroscuro, the whole appearance mutates - never the same twice over. A material you are drawn to touch as well as look at. Produced in a large square format (90x90 cm), Pueblo comes in five colours (Sky, White, Beige, Grey, Black).

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