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A sensorial experience

A sensorial experience
By Editorial Staff -
Videoworks has participated in the project

Videoworks has more than two decades of experience with home automation, audio/video, networking, IT and entertainment, which is used to provide architects and designers with innovative, customized solutions in the business, smart home and yachting sectors. 

In recent times, light design and engineering have become a focal point for the company, such that they can provide invaluable support in the creation of interactive, immersive spaces where users can enjoy a cutting-edge, engaging sensorial experience. In this sphere, Videoworks specifically aids designers as they transform their individual requirements into layout drawings, as they make 3D calculations using special software, and as they plan the placement of optics, potentially advising on the best choices for these and other light sources. 

The Videoworks Lighting Department has recently partnered up with Senso, a company specializing in multi-projection and multimedia content. Together, they can develop and offer sensory experience and stimulation using invisible, functional, smart technology, including lightshows, augmented reality, special effects, interactive surfaces, 3D mapping and holograms.  

The limitations on creativity have been thrown out the window, making it possible to reproduce other realities - natural, artificial or fantastical - inside a physical space and enriching the user experience through a multitude of visual and color suggestions that stimulate the senses as desired. 

The solutions are simple and easy to use, based on flexible technological platforms that interior and exterior designers can use to turn ideas into real, interactive and customized multimedia content. 

Two examples of such solutions are interactive video mapping and augmented reality. The former uses a projection technique that interacts with the volumes and shapes of the projection surfaces, creating spectacular effects that, with the addition of interactive options, can be even more amazing. The latter solution, augmented reality, allows users to experience reality through different eyes by adding information that would not otherwise be perceptible. 

It is a fusion of visual arts and technology that has incredible scope for development to exploit spaces, filling them with stimuli and new opportunities.



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