A Quality Label for prepainted metals
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A Quality Label for prepainted metals

A Quality Label for prepainted metals
By Editorial Staff -
Ecca has participated in the project

The European Coil Coating Association (ECCA) can trace its origins back to 1967 and is the voice of the coil coating (prepainting) industry in Europe, with over 110 member companies. 

ECCA seeks to promote prepainted metals as high quality, economically sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly products. 

In 2014, as low quality materials began to proliferate, ECCA launched a certification system that uses the ECCA Premium® Quality and Sustainability label to guarantee material quality and sustainability, focusing especially on color consistency over time, corrosion resistance, the ability to process the material and design flexibility. The label also ensures the coated metals meet the requirements of European legislation such as REACH. Products with the ECCA Premium® label do not contain substances of very high concern.

The certification can be awarded for prepainted metals for exteriors or interiors, and also acts as a guarantee of safety and the use of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The requirements are divided into four categories: product quality and sustainability, manufacturing process quality and sustainability. 

The coating system is fundamental to achieving certification as ensuring color consistency over time necessitates a minimum coating thickness to protect against UV rays, the effects of light, and the impact of water and corrosive agents. 

Corrosion resistance is verified in outdoor exposure tests lasting at least two years that are certified by external labs. As for the mechanical properties required for prepainted metals, ECCA Premium® requires that the prepainted metals conform with EN 1396 (aluminum) or EN10169 (steel) and guarantees the flexibility and adhesion needed for complex, varied modelling. 

The first companies to earn ECCA Premium® Quality and Sustainability certification are Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products, Novelis Bresso, Miralu and ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products coil coating lines.



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