A Partnership for the Creation of Smart, Flexible and Efficient Buildings
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A Partnership for the Creation of Smart, Flexible and Efficient Buildings

A Partnership for the Creation of Smart, Flexible and Efficient Buildings
By Editorial Staff -
Intermark Sistemi has participated in the project

For over 125 years, Signify – formerly known as Philips Lighting – has been at the forefront of traditional and then LED lighting, and at the cutting-edge of IoT lighting systems, especially the recent transformations seen with the arrival of LEDs and “connected lighting” for both consumers and professionals. Signify was behind developments such as using 3D printing to create lighting products, LED lighting for agriculture, TruLifi technology, solar lighting and UV-C technology for disinfecting surfaces, the air and objects. TruLifi technology provides a fast, stable and secure broadband connection using light waves, making it ideal for places where using Wi-Fi is impossible or simply difficult. The Interact platform can integrate with IoT systems such that, with additions like connected lights and sensors, it can access data that can be used to improve how office, hotel and industry spaces are assigned and thus ultimately improving energy efficiency.

Hotel Gallia Courtesy Intermark Sistemi

Intermark Sistemi, with premises in Rome and Milan, produces integrated audio, video, light and control systems for the corporate market, universities, the hospitality industry and public administrations, working particularly in six macro-sectors: connected lighting, smart buildings, control rooms, hybrid collaboration, professional audio and architectural solutions. Intermark Sistemi is a Signify Certified Partner for the lighting industry, offering not only products, but also technical and sales services ranging from initial proposals to feasibility studies, design support, testing and after-sales service. The goal is to meet any lighting control requirement, improving well-being and bolstering sustainability.

One of Signify’s “connected lighting” brands distributed by Intermark Sistemi is Philips Dynalite, a range that can be used to produce customizable control and supervision systems even for advanced lighting systems. The Roma Convention Center and Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan are two examples of this, requiring meticulous control of every lighting detail for, respectively, scenic effects and management efficiency.

Hotel Gallia Courtesy Intermark Sistemi

Another option, Interact, focuses on lighting solutions that integrate into the IoT world, combining connected lighting systems and the data these collect with smart office, smart building and other IoT solutions. In particular, the Interact Office platform not only manages the lights, but can also be used by employees to find available meeting rooms or workspace and then, of course, to customize the lighting. It can combine space occupancy data with employee preferences to identify potential energy savings, optimize workspace use and bolster efficiency. Additionally, when used with Philips connected LED lighting with integrated IoT sensors, Interact Office can improve building efficiency and optimize workspaces to create smart, sustainable offices. The final category of Signify solutions offered by Intermark Sistemi is the world of Color Kinetics, focusing on architectural lighting control. These are particularly used to highlight façades or specific shapes and lines, enhancing the architectural appearance of a building through color.

The partnership between Signify and Intermark Sistemi integrates the capacity to innovate with an ability to implement complex solutions, providing architects and engineers with a comprehensive lighting management platform that includes products, skills, design support, mock-up creation and, most importantly, true professionalism in achieving the required technical specifications. The final step is configuring and programming lighting control systems to achieve projects built on flexible adaptable solutions that meet the specific, demanding requirements of lighting designers and customers.


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