A Luminous Mirage at The Venice Biennale
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A Luminous Mirage at The Venice Biennale

A Luminous Mirage  at The Venice Biennale
By Editorial Staff -
Targetti Poulsen has participated in the project

Targetti’s Mirage technology has been adopted by Austrian practice Coop Himmelb( )au for the installation called Feed Back Space presented at the 11th Venice International Architecture Exhibition.
The project is based on a 1969 concept designed to give non-verbal expression to the physical world: a transparent container - a bit like a large rib cage - converted the heart beat of the person inside into a pulsating light.
This latest luminous installation uses Mirage, an innovative display panel made of so-called “semi-transparent” LEDs. The bars of the printed circuit supporting the LEDS are set in herringbone fashion, the spaces between them giving the impression of transparency. The LED board is housed in a completely sealed square module in very light coloured polycarbonate suitable for internal or outdoor use. The light yet sturdy modular structure supports video surfaces of any size on which to project drawing, images, photographs, videos and messages of any type. Or simply allow the 16 million possible colour combinations to play out. An extremely simple control panel provides independent commands for the various screen sections, allowing multiple image projection.
Mirage is a state-of-the-art product in Targetti’s new Luceviva collection, which also includes a wide range of dynamic, multi-coloured lighting systems for interior or exterior lighting requirements.


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