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A Docking Station to perfect your sound


Edited By Redazione The Plan - 8 October 2010

The company of JUNG from Schalksmuehle presents an elegant flush-mounted Docking Station for your mp3-player, iPod or iPhone: the Music Centre complete with quality loudspeaker modules. The device is equipped with outputs for connection to hi-fi or multiroom systems and a stereo line-in for external music players.
Loudspeaker modules with integrated bass reflex enclosures ensure excellent sound. Control of the Music Centre is carried out conveniently via infrared remote control or directly at the device. Another convenient feature: the battery charging function for iPod and iPhone or mobile devices with mini USB connection does away with the need for external chargers.
The Music Centre and its loudspeaker modules are installed in standard wall boxes. In the single mount option, the loudspeakers can be arranged around the room at will. Then again, one has the option of combining the Music Centre and loudspeaker module with multiple frames. By combining two loudspeaker modules in a 3-gang frame, one can expect high-quality stereo sound.
Installation can be horizontal or vertical according to demand.


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