A complete system of doors and accessories for interior design
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A complete system of doors and accessories for interior design

A complete system of doors and accessories for interior design
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Garofoli has participated in the project

The Garofoli Group can trace its origins to 1968 when the company was created to manufacture wooden frames and counters for the furniture industry. Today, it includes the Garofoli and Gidea divisions, and it is the leader in the design, creation and sale of interior doors (from the classic solid wooden door, to aluminum doors with stainless steel finishes). The growth of the group over the years has gone hand-in-hand with research and experimentation into technology and manufacturing methods, and research into materials and finishings. Great emphasis is also placed on making every step in the manufacturing process environmentally friendly. The production cycle uses raw materials from suppliers who follow planned reforestation programs, coatings that are not toxic and the recycling of process by-products. Indeed, everything is in line with the corporate mission: "Create high quality products that are the best expression of the aesthetic and technical value of good Italian design". The experience gained from constantly working with and learning from designers and clients has led the Garofoli Group to develop a vision of interior design that translates into an integrated range of coordinated products that offer real design freedom in the creation of interior spaces, whether these are important meeting rooms or cozy bedrooms. Versatility is the key word in understanding the company's products. There are about 400 door models, each of which can be customized with numerous finishings and come in different versions (with about 200 thousand doors made annually), but the company also make wardrobes, shelving systems, boisere and parquet. The individual collections are interchangeable and can be altered depending on design requirements. They have all been designed bearing in mind the need to provide harmonious, balanced compositions that really exalt - through similarity or contrast - the features and architecture of the room. The options allow different interpretations, in which materials and finishings interact according to the design requirements, with a flexibility that provides optimal solutions for any architectural style. The Garofoli Group is also a reliable partner for the security industry, offering a range of fire-proof security doors designed specifically for hotels and residences that, once again, can be combined perfectly with other company products.



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