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A Blue Cave Washbasin

A Blue Cave Washbasin
By Editorial Staff -
Lasa Marmo has participated in the project

Located in the impressive mountain chain that soars across the Stelvio National Park, the White Water Quarry (Weißwasserbruch) is not only the largest quarry in South Tyrol, but it is also one of the richest marble sources in the world. The name comes from a nearby waterfall where the water is rich in the minerals found in marble. 
Sitting at 1,526 m above sea level, at the entrance to the Lasa valley, the quarry extends for several kilometers through a maze of tunnels and shafts. The daunting tunnels, spanning 100 m in length, 20 m in width and up to 30 m in height, are reminiscent of cathedrals. Once a year, during the winter holiday season when work comes to a stop, the water pumps are switched off to save power and the white quarry turns into an amazing blue cave. 
The Lasa marble quarried here is indelibly tied to water, and known for being very hard and waterproof. It is used to produce the solid, elegant countertop washbasins in the Source collection created by Talsee, a firm that specializes in exclusive bathroom furnishings and is based in Hochdorf, near Luzern, Switzerland. On request, the washbasins are also available in Lasa Venato Cevedale™® and Lasa Venato Vena d’Oro™® marbles and they come in three sizes. The washbasins are produced from a single block of stone using CNC milling, then painstakingly crafted into the perfect shapes by Lasa Marma stone masons before finally being assembled and placed on top quality wooden dressers. Visually, each piece is really a Lasa marble sculpture, bringing calm, order and character to the most elegant of bathrooms. The veins of the marble help turn each piece into something unique. 

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