A 3D effect that invites you to explore the surfaces
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A 3D effect that invites you to explore the surfaces

A 3D effect that invites you to explore the surfaces
By Editorial Staff -

Textures that are metallic and reflective, but also traditional and natural: the world of wallpapers is continuously evolving, object of a constant study on visual and tactile experiences. The five new patterns by Wall&decò present a three-dimensionality that is amply pronounced and which enhance the stucco-edged colors and natural effects. The company, a reference business in the production and worldwide distribution of bespoke wallpaper, has recently presented its brand new collection Essential Wallpaper 2021 that is at the same time “essential” and “rich” in color variations, dictated by the deep reliefs that enrich the wall with new tone-on-tone architectural elements.

The manufacturing of Essential, carried out by expert craftsmen, is complex and multifaceted: initially, special rollers transfer colors with stucco effects, to give the surface a natural look; in the next step, the surface acquires three-dimensionality by means of a manually engraved and finished roller; in the final step, skilled printers apply whitewashed finishing colors to further enhance the three-dimensionality of the design.

The collaboration with Studiopepe has resulted in the creation of “Ashi”, whose surface is almost reminiscent of a bark, with a very deep three-dimensionality, metallic textures and chromatic stratifications; “Ha”, from the Japanese word for leaf, draws its inspiration from the nature, and takes the form of a stylized leaf obtained by folding on paper; and lastly “Hikari”, inspired by traditional Japanese techniques: a sheet of paper, a two-dimensional surface, comes to life through the three-dimensionality of the fold.

Founder and Art Director of Wall&deco Christian Benini has designed “Komorebi”, inspired by a possible weave of straw that takes on new connotations thanks to an unusual interpretation of the colors used (light grey, black and iridescent copper), which are not solid but faceted colors and the result of different color layers; and “Yoku”, which thanks to its elegant graphics and the application of metallic elements invites exploration of the surfaces.

Discover the new collection on www.wallanddeco.com

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