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A family-owned company, Fontanot has played a definitive role in evolving stairs into design objects. The firm will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2018, able to trace its origins back to the Albini brothers in 1947. Later, in the 1970s, the arrival of Enzo Fontanot marked another key moment as he was able to industrialize the Italian artisan tradition of stair-making using a process to make modular parts. This merging of tradition and modernization has remained crucial to the firm’s success over the decades, especially in exporting Made in Italy to the world. Leading international architects and designers have often worked with the company, which generates roughly 70% of total sales outside of Italy, in markets like France, Spain, Germany, England (including a display space inside London’s prestigious Building Centre) and the USA. “Our collaboration with designers and architects from all corners of the globe shows that design knows no borders and that Italian excellence still has something to say,” explained Laura Fontanot, the Group’s Vice President and Business Developer. This international outlook is evident in the new three-year business plan focusing on developing Far East markets, on investing heavily in America and on strengthening the brand in Europe using a multi-channel strategy. Today, in addition to its retail channels, the Group is present on the web, in major retailers and in the contract sector, thus selling both through traditional channels and e-commerce - an approach that has greatly increased its client portfolio. In the contract sector, professionals operating in the fields of Real Estate and Home Interior view the company as a competent, qualified partner for creating staircases, a guarantee that each project will be truly customized, using high quality materials and providing solutions that superbly blend artisan skill, technological know-how and industrial knowledge to produce the desired staircase. Fontanot’s Contract Team has various members with differing skills to ensure each project is followed, from start to finish, by the person with the required expertise. In addition to its design and creation of staircases for interiors and exteriors, Fontanot has steel and glass bannisters and railings with the same modular, highly customized approach used for the stairs, and Made in Italy windows. The Group has 5 companies across 4 countries, with 250 employees, 200 external contract staff, and 4 plants (3 in Italy; 1 in Romania), and sells its wares in 95 nations.

Via P. Paolo Pasolini, 6 - I - 47853 - Cerasolo Ausa (RN)
Tel. +39 0541 906111
E-mail: [email protected] - www.fontanotcontract.com

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