4akustik F4 Star Acoustic Panelling
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4akustik F4 Star Acoustic Panelling

4akustik  F4 Star Acoustic Panelling
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The sound quality of any room depends on its shape, the materials used, the location of these materials in relation to the sound sources, sound reverberation, and the amount of background noise. Good sound planning must take into account the environment’s intended use, as this will dictate the acoustic requirements. Good acoustics in an enclosed space depends on correct reverberation, the sound that persists once the source has fallen silent. The time sound takes to decay in a given space is the reverberation time and is inversely proportional to absorption. Using materials that absorb sound keeps reverberation within optimal limits, guaranteeing ease of communication and genuine acoustic comfort. 4akustik is a recently invented milled and perforated acoustic panel that combines high levels of performance with health and safety. The real standout aspect of 4akustik is its JIS F4 star standard, certified by the Japanese government but also widely considered the world’s most stringent standard because of the low levels of formaldehyde accepted. 4akustik panels come in three sizes. The surface milling is available in varying widths and percentages, offering different levels of acoustic performance. Like all the products in the Acoustic Panelling range, the numerous decorative options ensure 4akustik fits into just about any architectural context.

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