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3F Trittico
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Designed by the firm Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, 3F Trittico is a ceiling light fixture composed of three or four arms to provide direct and indirect light. The light modules can be modified giving the designer the possibility to adapt the lighting to layout changes in the workplace. Composite consisting of three lines of light of different lengths linked together to create autonomous affinity in space. Light must be part of space, it must design and emphasize shapes, minimum landscapes in keeping with the nature of the space and the emotions of those that use that space for different purposes, at times operational, ephemeral, collective or personal. Light can only refer to its presence ratio that can be discrete or pronounced at times. When everything produces a variable rhythm, a series of possible sequences, it is interacting with us and our needs until it is able to fulfil our desires. 3F Trittico is a light fixture with a variable shape, rhythm and sequences. It is based on the simple element of a line that becomes complex with its layering of soul, light and body of light. 3F Trittico is designed for all kinds of spaces starting with the operational sphere of the office in the contemporary sense of the workplace 3.0, as well as the domestic environment because in order for objects to come into contact with us and speak to us they must know how to contaminate and defile and belong to us.


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