Exterior cladding echoing natural and geometrical patterns
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Exterior cladding echoing natural and geometrical patterns

Exterior cladding echoing natural and geometrical patterns
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Fundermax has participated in the project

Shape, material and color are three elements, which if combined correctly, make for architecture that transmits positive emotions. Produced from renewable raw materials by a sustainable production process, the rainscreen cladding panel, Max Exterior, was developed by FunderMax to facilitate architectural design elegance. In 2019, FunderMax introduced six new decorative features to this collection, offering designers even wider customization opportunities.

Classified EDF laminates by EN standard 438-6, Max Exterior rainscreen panels are manufactured with special hot high-pressure presses. The use of double hardened polyurethane acrylic resins makes the panels
non-scratch and resistant to climatic factors like hail, frost, direct sunlight, and heat. The new finishes now added to the collection make available decorative motifs that take their cue from geometrical and natural patterns, widening the opportunities to enhance architectural façades.

The new laminates blur the confines between material, shape and color, creating façade compositions that blend these three elements to great effect.

Taking its name from the US roads, the Highway panel has two geometrical lines designed to give a long linear motif. The Ardens model is an elegant and versatile product, its warm color lending a simple elegance. The dark smoky texture of Spargo, on the other hand, presents subtly meshed shades of brown. Aqua, Kontra and Petroleum reference organic materials, their vibrant decorations giving a decidedly dynamic touch to the panels. The surfaces are also available in both standard and glossy, thus further expanding the design potential of the Max Exterior collection in 2019.


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