Navigating and Safeguarding the Ocean Ecosystem
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Navigating and Safeguarding the Ocean Ecosystem

Rossinavi Oneiric Catamaran

Zaha Hadid Architects

Navigating and Safeguarding the Ocean Ecosystem
By Editorial Staff -

Oneiric, the catamaran that Zaha Hadid Architects designed for the Italian Rossinavi brand, was inspired by the essence of the marine ecosystem, its species and sources of life. Through the subtraction of visual and architectural barriers, the vessel’s lines merge with the ocean waters and sea waves, its technology practically transforming it into a living organism on the deep blue sea.

The concept was inspired by microorganisms vital for oxygenating marine and terrestrial environments, the components of phytoplankton. The vessel is equipped with leading-edge energy consumption control and environmental impact reduction technologies like artificial intelligence. To achieve this close intertwining of the welfare of oceans and seas and guest
well-being, the catamaran is equipped with three levels of solar panels, enabling almost entirely electric, ultra-low emission sailing. Even on a transatlantic crossing, the yacht can save nearly 40 tons of CO2 compared with a traditional boat. Greater efficiency and the ability to store energy throughout the day to cover mooring time becomes an option because of the vessel’s double-hull structure, with a length-to-width ratio that ensures better weight distribution than single-hull models and optimal hydrodynamics.

Rossinavi Oneiric catamaran - courtesy Rossinavi Le linee fluide dell’interior design, così come le sue caratteristiche visive e tattili, sono pensate per garantire un’esperienza a bordo del catamarano il più immersiva possibile.

These technologies were integrated into the design of the new Rossinavi flagship whose exterior and interior were inspired by the fluidity and dynamism of waves. Architecturally, in terms of lines and materials, the end-result is a kind of “blurring”, with “evanescent” partitions and structural barriers, a curvy rear and a transom that slopes toward the water, flanked by reflective surfaces and interconnected spaces. The soft hand of the waves seems to have drawn the cockpit on the catamaran’s topmost deck, where it is protected by a cover, glass windows and slightly curving walls. Devoid of sharp edges, its rounded shapes lead in to the progressively wider, lower decks via a double aft staircase that goes directly down to the water’s edge, past a poolside lounge that looks out over the wake.

Rossinavi Oneiric catamaran - courtesy Rossinavi I materiali selezionati,  tanto per gli interni quanto per gli esterni di Oneiric, sono nella maggior parte dei casi riciclati e riciclabili. La loro leggerezza, inoltre, permette una maggior efficienza delle prestazioni energetiche e migliori performance di navigazione.

A glass wall connects this outdoor area with the interior living area, also characterized by similarly fluid lines and spaces. Forward of the living area is the owner’s suite, which acts as a kind of fulcrum for the other four guest cabins, enjoying a 180-degree view of the sea through supplementary curved glazing, allowing the bed to look out over the far horizon. The connections with outdoor space are further accentuated by skylights and the outdoor lounge area at the ship’s bow.

The result is a fully immersive experience in a natural, marine environment, enriched by the specific selection of lightweight, recycled and recyclable materials in harmony with the context – a choice that responds as much to the need for efficient performance as the desire to create a silent, relaxing space where people are an integral part of nature.

Exterior and Interior Designer: Zaha Hadid Architects

Renderings courtesy  of Rossinavi

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