Spacious Offices and a Rooftop in Contact with Nature to Foster Work and Leisure
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Spacious Offices and a Rooftop in Contact with Nature to Foster Work and Leisure

RATP Habitat Headquarters

Atelier du Pont

Spacious Offices and a Rooftop in Contact with Nature to Foster Work and Leisure
By Editorial Staff -

Designed by Atelier du Pont in Paris’s 20th arrondissement, RATP Habitat’s new headquarters is a meeting point for people and ideas, blending not just a working environment with domestic warmth but architecture with nature. The design is an expression of dialogue between the client and the architecture and interior design studio founded in the late 1990s by Anne-Cèline Comar and Philippe Croisier. Located in a densely built-up neighborhood on Rue de Bagnolet, the glulam-structured new building’s private entrance is set in the portico of a residential complex, above a pre-existing underground parking lot. Overall, the complex offers 2,872 sq. m of floor space.

Forming an indissoluble link between inside and out, two patios and an atrium channel outside light into every corner, acting as hubs for the social housing group’s new offices. All rooms on the ground and upper two floors are arranged around these features. Lending the complex its stepped profile, the building’s lines are partially defined by large, south-facing terraces on the first, second and third levels, leading up to a user-accessible roof.

Bienvenüe, RATP Habitat Headquarters - © Vincent Leroux  courtesy Atelier du Pont

In their approach to designing the interior and furnishings, Atelier du Pont set out to create accommodating spaces for people to enjoy alone or in groups, benefiting from an unimpeded supply of air and natural light: terraces, greenhouses and stairways open to the sky, also made of timber to make them even more welcoming, are the highest expression of this approach.

Beyond the welcoming lobby equipped with tables for snacks or lunches and/or informal meetings, the ground floor is an alternating succession of one-off workspaces and meeting rooms, rendered flexible by modifiable furnishings and dividers. The floor features two patios and an agora, at the center of which is Atelier YokYok’s Bois Debout installation, an almost 14 m-high stylized wooden sculpture that recalls the shapes of trees, with seating solutions at its base.

Bienvenüe, RATP Habitat Headquarters - © Takuji Shimmura courtesy Atelier du Pont Gli spazi interni sono organizzati intorno a due patii, pensati e realizzati in modo da distribuire la luce naturale uniformemente in tutti gli uffici attraverso ampie vetrate.

The first and second floors are open spaces where workstations may be configured as required, using the movable walls to convert them into collaborative spaces or meeting rooms. The furnished, external terracing on these levels is equipped with roofed-in greenhouses and stools for brainstorming or quiet moments alone.

Wood predominates among the interior furnishings in natural finishes and delicate colors, creating a cozy, comfortable,
home-like environment. Connecting to the lower levels via an external stairway, the third, uppermost level is divided into an outdoor and indoor garden; it also houses technical rooms roofed with photovoltaic panels. As well as offering views over central Paris, all three rooftops act as an invitation to relax, take a break or be active, doing yoga or playing table tennis, pastimes that improve the quality of work life.

Location: Paris, France
Client: RATP Habitat
Completion: 2021
Gross Floor Area: 3,780 m2
Architect and Interior Designer: Atelier du Pont
Main Contractor: Eiffage Construction
Interiors Consultant: ETMB

Photography courtesy Atelier du Pont

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