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Sculpture on the Water


MOMI Sail Performance | Vismara Marine

Sculpture on the Water
By Redazione The Plan -

MOMI, the sailing yacht owned by Nicola Minardi De Michetti and Angelomario Moratti, expresses a desire for sailing the seas to be as unique and personal an experience as possible. Manufactured by Vismara Marine to give shape to the company’s passion and its leading-edge, nautical technology, it is as if the boat has two different souls, thanks to a hull that is rounded in the middle and lowered at the prow and stern. Because of these characteristics that make it midway between a cruiser and a racer, the vessel caters both to the needs of long-distance cruising and regatta performance. These characteristics are reflected in every single design choice, including the materials: MOMI is made of carbon, as is the mast and boom, while the deck is made of teak wood throughout.

The bridge, splitting the central cockpit for guests from the aft maneuvering area with its double wheelhouse, offers access via a service entrance to the crew area, chart table and technical equipment. This double entrance is a special MOMI feature: the first, smaller entrance is flanked by a larger central one.

MOMI_M80 - courtesy MOMI Sail Performance e Vismara Marine La dinette è arredata con due divani a L disposti lungo i fianchi dello yacht e da altrettanti tavoli. Questa zona living è collegata, sia verso prua sia verso poppa, a cabine di varie dimensioni, dove gli spazi vengono sfruttati anche grazie alla presenza di letti contenitori.

The interior was designed throughout by architect Giacomo Facchini. The first area one encounters within the boat is a large dinette with two L-shaped sofas and small tables arranged along the yacht’s sides. As noted, the crew and services area is aft, with a fully equipped kitchen to the left of the staircase and a hallmark visual feature of continuity with the living area through a window that opens onto the cooking range, giving the space a sense of greater breadth.

Two cabins and two bathrooms occupy the far end of the stern, on the opposite side from the kitchen; other rooms, some featuring private bathrooms, are distributed toward the bow, including the master cabin with wardrobe, sofa and shower, like all others equipped with chromotherapy. The guest bathrooms are characterized by Corian® washbasins with different tap colors, ranging from gold to bronze and black.

Lighting plays a key role in the design. Natural light flows in through irregular, elongated glass panes on the innovative deckhouse and deck hatchcovers, while a system of warm LED lights spans three levels, their effect enhanced by shiny, white, reflective surfaces that alternate with the opaque walls in carbon and teak, reprising the look of the outer deck and creating continuity between the two areas.

MOMI_M80 - courtesy MOMI Sail Performance e Vismara Marine La piena libertà di navigazione richiesta dagli armatori è stata ottenuta grazie a una superficie velica di oltre 280 m2 e a una chiglia retrattile per un pescaggio che va dai 2,5 m per le acque poco profonde ai 4 m per le navigazioni in mare aperto.

The esthetic focus follows a similar approach, as Angelomario Moratti points out referring to the hull’s color: “A Caribbean blue that only the sea can match, with two black bands running bow to stern to emphasize the vessel’s competitive spirit”.

Launched in July 2021, MOMI is the first in the newly-created MOMI Sail Performance brand line.

“A unique form of continuity in space,” says Facchini, “it is a sculpture that advances through its own element of water, driven by the force of the wind, which is responsible for the form of its concave and convex spaces, and was conceived to represent dynamism moving through the air”.

Completion: 2021
Concept: MOMI Sail Performance
Exterior Design: Vismara Marine Concept
Interior Design: Vismara Marine Concept with Giacomo Facchini

Unless otherwise indicated, photography courtesy  MOMI Sail Performance and Vismara Marine

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