A Resort for Discovering the Sorrentine Peninsula
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A Resort for Discovering the Sorrentine Peninsula

Laqua Countryside


A Resort for Discovering the Sorrentine Peninsula
By Editorial Staff -

Nestling in the green hills of the Sorrentine peninsula, the Laqua Countryside resort in Ticciano is a declaration of love for the Campania region. Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s new facility occupies the former manor house where the chef spent his childhood. Lamatilde’s restyling design was inspired by Cannavacciuolo’s return to his roots, life and land. The
Turin-based studio was involved in the job from start to finish, from the conceptual phase to interior design, to architectural renovation, which it undertook in partnership with architect Valentina Autiero, along with the green space design in partnership with architect Stefano Olivari.

Laqua Countryside - © Serena Eller Vainicher, courtesy lamatilde

Conceived to offer guests authentic and regenerative experiences, the Cannavacciuolo Group country house resort offers six rooms in a variety of sizes: four doubles, a family room and a suite. The common areas feature an outdoor swimming pool heated during the winter months, a wine cellar for tastings and, of course, the Cannavacciuolo Countryside starred restaurant, offering a blend of Campania and Piedmont cuisine, a combination of the culinary traditions in the chef’s home region and adopted city. Every room is dedicated to a character who once lived in the house, the style interpreting their feelings and emotions, for example through different types of marble, from Verde Alpi to Rosa Perlino, Giallo Siena and Calacatta Oro.

The building was renovated with local and reclaimed materials such as limestone recouped from land clearing to build the support walls for the four garden terraces. The interior design combines new finishes with recovery of original architectural elements: tiles from the house, for example, were restored and redistributed among the various spaces. The coatings and claddings are closely linked to the local area and local traditions: the floor is made of cocciopesto, a broken pottery construction technique in use in Campania since Ancient Roman times.

Laqua Countryside - © Serena Eller Vainicher, courtesy lamatilde

The furnishings combine lamps and custom-made furniture designed by lamatilde, modern antiques and antique accessories chosen by the architecture practice. Guestroom furnishings offer matte black painted iron, leather and brushed oak wood, set off here and there by a vintage Olivetti typewriter, an old-fashioned telephone with a rotary dial, crystal glasses and silver vanity sets. Chromatically, guestrooms are a neutral palette of tones in which “rope” color prevails, enlivened by brighter backgrounds to narrate particular characters. The restaurant is striking in its use of contrasting materials, with lava stone-topped tables, rustic-finished vaulted ceilings, and metallic wall paneling with vertical panels in burnished brass, brushed to create a graduated effect lower down.

The conceptual principle of local enhancement is visible in the design of the outdoor spaces too, where twin vegetable gardens and an orchard supply the restaurant with high-quality local ingredients. The garden is home to typical local plant species and some rarer specimens.

Location: Ticciano, Napoli, Italy
Client: Ca.Pri
Completion: 2021
Gross Floor Area: 3,520 m2
Interior Design Concept: lamatilde
Architect and Interior Designer: lamatilde with Valentina Autiero Architetto
Construction Management: Valentina Autiero Architetto
Main Contractor: REP Costruzioni
Landscape Consultant: Stefano Olivari

Photography by Serena Eller Vainicher, courtesy of lamatilde

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