A refined atmosphere, an elegant and functional store
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A refined atmosphere, an elegant and functional store

Occhiali & Occhiali

Italia & Partners

A refined atmosphere, an elegant and functional store
By Editorial Staff -

Delicate pastel colors and warm wood create a refined atmosphere at the Occhiali & Occhiali store in Venaria Reale, near Turin. Built a couple of years ago, the design is by Italia and Partners studio, a company run by Matteo Italia and his father, Vincenzo, both of whom are architects. Based in Piedmont’s capital city, the firm works on commercial premises, residences, hotels and restaurants, providing one-stop consultancy and turnkey product delivery.

The opticians’ interior is characterized by an elegant ebony-effect finish on the boiserie wall behind the counter and the false ceiling in the same area. Not only does this create continuity between vertical and horizontal surfaces, at a material level it identifies this space as separate to the rest of the premises.

Wood paneling provides a pleasant contrast with the other walls, which are colored robin’s-egg blue. In chromotherapy, this evocative shade is known for having relaxing properties. The flooring is cement-effect stoneware. The wooden finish is reprised in the furnishings, including a series of drawer units and a high table in front of a large product display case. The counter, on the other hand, is divided into two portions at differing heights, the lower of which has an ebony-effect shelf for customer service. A hanging lamp illuminates the furniture in this space, where people can lounge in armchairs that flash a delicate shade of antique pink.

Punctuating and enlivening the walls, the glasses are displayed on shelves arranged in a rigorous, linear design. The displays are picked out by strip lighting mounted adjacent to the wall. Between the store window and rear wall, large mirrors make it easy to try on the many models of glasses on offer at the store, while also multiplying the architectural space.

The designers’ signature is evident in the interplay of lines and symmetries created by black ceiling grooves against a white background, onto which the lighting is mounted. The same geometric pattern returns on the wooden ceiling and on the boiserie. Here, among rectangular paneling of different sizes, one section features a square space with the logo, concealing a door that leads to a service area at the rear.

The Italia and Partners design for this store in Venaria Reale was conceived to create a commercial space that is both elegant and functional. Different materials and colors dialogue with one another in a harmonious mix of references and counterpoints. The interior design makes the most of the store’s relatively contained dimensions. Allied to the grooves that run along the ceiling, a hallmark feature of the studio’s work, the design adds a great deal of character to this essential yet comfortable environment.

Location: Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy
Client: Occhiali & Occhiali
Completion: 2019
Gross Floor Area: 41 m2
Interior Design: Italia and Partners

Photography by Federico Moschietto, courtesy of Italia and Partners

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