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Design and Local Culture

Hembert Penaranda | Officina Architetti

The Vines
By Redazione The Plan -

San Miguel de Allende, one of Mexico’s most charming cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008, is named after San Miguel el Grande and the exploits of General Ignacio Allende, who led the revolt against the Spanish. This historical heritage has made the town a major tourist destination, while its mild and temperate climate allows farms, including vineyards, to grow luxuriant crops. This combination of factors inspired this design by Hembert Penaranda - Officina Architetti - an international architecture firm with offices in Milan, Genoa, Baku and Bogotá - for its masterplan “The Vines”, covering 120 ha of land near an area of high naturalistic value. The plan envisages the construction of a residential complex, hotel and services on a large area planted with vineyards. The creative intention is to ensure that natural elements prevail over the architectural, creating a real estate development focused on wine while developing the brand name The Vines.
The land will be divided into lots, each of which will be allocated its own use. Each plot earmarked for the development of residential homes will have its own vineyard. The wine theme continues in the architectural composition of individual units, in the form of vine-covered porticoed arched entrances. A portion of the real estate investment will be earmarked to build a 5-star diffused hotel. The hotel will consist of four main buildings: the Main House, Spa, Winery and an Equestrian Center. Guest suites will be dotted around these buildings, oriented to enjoy the finest panoramic views. Two types of room will be available: one with an elliptical section inspired by wine barriques, the other more linear and geometric, featuring longitudinal baffles made out of wooden slats.

The Main House and the Spa will be built with a nod to local traditions: local materials such as stone and wood used in the entrance area will be counterbalanced by large windows and wooden colonnades at the rear.

Next, we come to the Winery. The wine cellar is the centerpiece of the project, with an iconic value for the entire development. Its circular architectural shape, redolent of the swirling movement a wine waiter makes when tasting wine, will stand out strongly from the other buildings on the lot. The external façade will be made of multiple superimposed volutes, composed of krion lamellas that ensure the structure’s appearance changes depending on the light and time of day. A further attraction is an outdoor waterfall that plunges into a small lake. Not only will the Winery be the main attraction for the entire area, it will also be functional: every resident will be able to process the grapes from their surrounding land, and each owner will have the opportunity to sip wine from their own private cellar.

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Client: Tamayo Desarrollos
Architect: Hembert Penaranda - Officina Architetti
Design Team: Hembert Penaranda, Fernando Arteaga, Andres Morales, Iria Avanzini, Olena Fedosenko, Sergii Borodenko, Martina Guasco, Luis Coral, Laura Botero

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