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The Event

, the sixth edition of the annual international competition that recognizes excellence in the fields of architecture, interior design, and urban planning, attracted from more than . The first round of selections , which were assessed by a made up of leading from the world of architecture. also included the award, organized in partnership with , the , awarded by the public, as well as the and awards, judged by two made up of respected professionals.

The 2020 winners

Listed below are the winning projects of the (Completed and Future) that make up , from among which the and were selected. There were also two special prizes: the and the , the second of which was decided by the public, who voted online via The Plan website.

The jury

from the world of architecture and beyond selected the winning projects of . The selected the 40 Completed and Future winners. The and the selected the winners of the Overall Completed and Overall Future awards, respectively. Finally, a special jury selected the two winning projects in the .

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