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Villa Orizzonte, between BIM design and luxurious interiors

M3PROGETTI Marche stp

Villa  /  Completed
M3PROGETTI Marche stp

The project was born from the request of a family to have a villa with contemporary lines immersed in the Marche hills and with a strong relationship with the surrounding nature.

The first step was to draw a grid on the building volume and we started to empty the volume with external natural elements, such as pools of water and vegetation.

Subsequently, we optimized all the internal perspectives, guaranteeing uniqueness to each room of the villa, making each of them enjoy the panorama in its own way, thanks to the large windows that distinguish the property.

The architecture is composed of the union of simple volumes surmounted by a series of canopies which give the project horizontality, directing the gaze towards the surrounding landscape. In particular, in the south elevation the septum is immersed in a pool of water and marks the direction of the entrance; from the latter a wide staircase leads to the infinity pool. The natural unevenness of the land made possible the panoramic position of the swimming pool, as well as freeing the main elevation from any possible obstacle that could have obstructed the view.

The villa has high energy performance thanks to the bioclimatic development in BIM, was designed on the basis of the climatic analysis of the area and thanks to the psychometric diagram we have identified the passive systems necessary for the comfort of those who will live in the villa. Specifically, we have analyzed the solar cycle for shading and irradiation, natural ventilation and the recycling of rainwater. The structure was conceived with a latest generation hybrid semi-prefabricated system made up of REP steel pillars and beams with concrete inside which bind the poroton masonry to the steel structure, reducing waste and time of realization.

The luxurious interiors are the strong point of the villa itself and enjoy large windows creating visual continuity with the outside. The internal patio constitutes the heart of the villa: it makes a significant contribution both from a lighting and microclimatic point of view, naturally favoring the exchange of air. It is around the patio and the staircase that the various rooms orbit. The goal of the interior design was to create unique and prestigious environments, each in its own way: the living room that relates to the patio, home to an ornamental tree; the kitchen organized by "forcing" the gaze of the users towards the landscape; the dining room which dialogues with the large garden; the relaxing spa with swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath and gym; the confidentiality that distinguishes the rooms on the first floor and finally the cantilevered office which is enveloped by the surrounding landscape, thanks to the glass facade system.

You have made our dream come true! You have managed to blend the stylistic refinement we were looking for with everyday comfort, improving our quality of life. Furthermore, the home automation system was essential given the size of the building for centralized control directly on our smartphones. We were also fascinated by how the villa transforms into a bajour in the Marche hills in the evening.


 1100 mq
 Arch. Alberto Mammoli e Arch. Giammario Volatili
 Struttural s.r.l.
 Garofoli, Oikos, iGuzzini, Gessi, DecoDeking, Graniti Fiandre, Effe perfect wellness, Professione piscina, Fratelli Simonetti, Effetto Luce, Schueco, Earth system.
 Vito Corvasce


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