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Villa Nova, an oasis of peace and relaxation

Arch. Anna Polisano - Arch. Danilo Caccamo

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Arch. Anna Polisano - Arch. Danilo Caccamo

The design idea comes from the will and the request of the clients to have a place where they can disconnect from everyday life obtaining an oasis of peace and relaxation. The concept therefore arises from the concept of creating a sense of continuity with the surrounding space through the openings, the swimming pool and the garden. We like to imagine the house as a solid mass from which ceiling and wall openings are made, creating an element of dynamic narration.

The project relates to the surrounding landscape through the openings and the terrace conceived as an area in which to admire the Sicilian coast which transforms itself at sunset. The sea, nature, greenery are the elements that inspired our project, a space for regeneration in which the value is not only linked to its architecture and function, but to a true oasis of peace, when nature mixes with architecture. The project was born from a careful analysis of the context. The project area is located near the Sicilian coasts in a resort area near the city of Syracuse.

The project was designed taking into account the aspects of sustainability. The objective of the research is the definition of a villa that respects some fundamental parameters:

  • Well-being and conviviality
  • Functionality and sustainable mobility
  • High environmental quality

Therefore, a new architectural language has been identified capable of integrating modern energy technologies, criteria for ventilation, sunshine and humidity in the spaces. In the design of the residence, the research led to: - identification of a modular cut in plan which allows to aggregate the individual units in a functional way; compliance with eco-sustainability objectives; - chromatic study of the elevations.

Our project is characterized by the limit between tradition and continuity and finds in this project a reason for strong compositional tension. The elements that are proposed in the architectural project can be said to be in continuity with that Sicilian reality that is still legible and recognizable today in the Mediterranean houses immersed alone in the landscape. The residential property is surrounded by a green space that becomes a common courtyard, a typological system recognizable through an urban morphology that takes on a highly social character. The use of stone in the basement and in the enclosure walls reinforces that long-lasting compositional reality, that material strength and linguistic heaviness which is typical of the Sicilian reality. Idea of ​​having a material relationship between long-lasting materials and decidedly more modern materials, such as glass and iron that seem to demonstrate a continuous dialogue between modernity and tradition.

A neutral volume immersed between nature and the sea.


 160 mq
  800,000.00 €
 Arch. Anna Polisano - Arch. Danilo Caccamo
 Arch. Luciano Marino - Arch. Belen Guerra - Erika Russo - Designer Enrico Pontillo - Designer Luana Di Francesca
 Coatings, bathroom fixtures and floors: Fratelli Alessi, Wallpaper: GlamoraFilomuro doors: CB Doors srl, External fixtures schuco - Fratelli Alessi Painting: Boero Buffa – Mida Home Custom furnishings: MarcoArenaDesign Furnishings: Rizzotti Design Outdoor furniture: Talenti - Vivere verde Lighting: STRANO Spa Lightdivision C. Carpitano Fabrics: PuntoTenda Green: Vivaio Etna Pool: Piscine Monteco srl
 Agphotostudios di A.Gruttadauria


The studio of the Arch. Anna Polisano was born in Catania in 2001 and deals with Architecture and Design.
With his team, he takes care of every project down to the smallest detail, from the design to the finishes, thus transforming ideas into a unique creation characterized by a refined formal minimalism.
His way of working with so much enthusiasm, aiming for continuous professional growth that can improve the quality of services and obtain results of great value, his passion for
architecture and determination and dedication to work animate every project of his studio, and in collaboration with the studio of the architect. Danilo Caccamo, also Sicilian, have created a collaboration with great energy "making dreams come true" of their clients.


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